Competition among mid- to high-end products intensifies, summary of new pickup trucks in August

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The opening of the 2023 Chengdu Auto Show has added fuel to the pickup truck market in August. Mainstream car companies such as Great Wall, Jiangling, Ford, Jiangxi Isuzu, JAC, SAIC Maxus, Changan, and Radar have participated in the exhibition, and many blockbuster products have been launched or launched. After the launch, the new car boom that has been launched in the domestic market since 2023 has once again increased, and market competition has also escalated again. So, which pickup trucks will be on the market or open for pre-sale in August?

Jiangxi Isuzu new generation car extension

Price: 115,800-151,300 yuan

  On August 25, the Chengdu Auto Show officially kicked off, and Jiangxi Isuzu's new generation of Suzuo was officially launched. The new car has a new interior and exterior design, is equipped with a 2.5T diesel engine, and is matched with a 6-speed manual or 8-speed gearbox. A total of 16 models are launched with two-wheel drive/four-wheel drive, long axle/standard axle and other combination configurations. The price range is 115,800-151,300 yuan.

  The front face of the new generation Sutra adopts the same family shape as the latest seventh-generation D-MAX, and a long-axis model is added. The center console in the car is equipped with a 10.25-inch color LCD instrument panel and a new 9-inch large central control screen. Enhanced sense of technology. The new generation of Ringtop will be available in different models, including uphill assist/hill descent, tire pressure monitoring, cruise control, navigation, Bluetooth phone, car-machine interconnection, etc. are all standard; automatic wipers, main driver Electric adjustment, one-button start, keyless entry, etc. are equipped in some models, and the overall sense of class is very good.

  In terms of power, the 2.5T engine equipped with the new generation of Suzutuo has two adjustments. The engine with a 6-speed manual transmission has a maximum power of 110kW and a maximum torque of 385N·m; the engine with a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission The maximum power is 110kW and the maximum torque is 400N·m. In addition, the car is available as a part-time four-wheel drive model, and the automatic transmission model also has a multi-mode driving function.

Great Wall’s 2023 Black Bullet is launched

Price: 258,800 yuan

  On August 25, Great Wall Cannon's full-performance family dominated the Chengdu Auto Show. As the leading model, the Shanhaipao performance version of Great Wall Cannon's large-scale high-performance luxury pickup truck makes its world debut. The 2023 Black Bullet, a personalized and customized co-innovation product, is launched with an official guide price of 258,800 yuan.

  The 2023 Black Bullet adopts an all-black body with bright orange embellishments. The interior uses a large area of ​​soft covering and is matched with Veneto red. It is equipped with a 12.3-inch smart touch screen + 7-inch color LCD instrument and laser-engraved luminous decorative panels. , 50-watt wireless fast charging, etc., full of technology. The new car is equipped with an ESP body stabilization system, a megapixel 540-degree surround view system, and a new high-end intelligent driving assistance system. Its functions include ACC adaptive cruise, smart dodge, etc. to ensure driving safety.

  Powered by a 2.0T high-power engine, the maximum net power is increased to 160kW and the maximum net torque is increased to 380N·m. It is equipped with a BorgWarner part-time four-wheel drive system + front and rear axle differential locks to calmly cope with various extreme terrains. In addition, the black bomb restoration factory is equipped with K-MAN nitrogen off-road shock absorbers, 12,000-pound winches, BFGoodrich KO2 tires, wading hoses and other enthusiast-level off-road equipment. The original factory comes with 2.5 tons of towing qualifications to help users enjoy the hardcore outdoor experience. Life.

Foton Mars pickup truck

Price: 116,800-187,800 yuan

  On August 28, Foton Pickup announced that its new model Mars Pickup was officially launched. The new cars are divided into two series: Mars 7 and Mars 9, all equipped with diesel 48V light-hybrid systems. A variety of models are launched according to different configurations, with a price range of 116,800-187,800 yuan.


  Mars 7 has a 6-speed manual transmission model and an 8-speed automatic transmission model to choose from, with a price range of 116,800-168,800 yuan. The car overall looks square and majestic, with two wheelbases; all Mars 9 series are equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission and use a multi-link rear suspension. The price range is 153,800-187,800 yuan, which is different from the Mars 7. Mars 9 only has a standard axle version, but the wheelbase also reaches 3355mm.

  In terms of configuration, Foton Mars pickup truck is equipped with L2.5 level intelligent driving assistance system, which supports AEB automatic brake assist, ACC adaptive cruise, TSR traffic sign recognition, etc. It also has a "transparent chassis" function, DVR on-board video terminal, and MOD moving object monitoring. With panoramic view etc. In addition, functions such as panoramic sunroof, 10-way electric-adjustable seats, dual-temperature zone automatic constant temperature air conditioning + rear exhaust vents, etc., and 220V power interfaces reserved for the cockpit and cargo box are also available.

  In terms of power, all Mars pickup series are equipped with 48V diesel hybrid power and are matched with ZF 8AT gearbox. The medium and low-speed torque is increased to 220 Nm, and the peak torque can reach 450 Nm.

Ford Ranger First Edition (Pre-sale)

Pre-sale price: 269,800 yuan

  On August 25, on the first day of the 2023 Chengdu Auto Show, Jiangling Ford Technology officially launched a new channel brand-FORD Beyond, or "Ford Beyond", committed to creating an industry-leading off-road ecosystem and becoming a leader in outdoor off-road lifestyle. At the same time, Ford Ranger has been officially launched into the Chinese market for the first time in the form of localization: the Ford Ranger 1st Edition launch version has officially opened for pre-sale, with a pre-sale price of 269,800 yuan and a limited edition of 800 units. The domestic price range of the new-generation Ford Ranger has been revealed, with the entry-level version priced at no more than 160,000 yuan.


  The new-generation Ford Ranger is the fifth-generation model of the series. It is built on Ford's third-generation medium-sized pickup platform. It shortens the front overhang while increasing the wheelbase, widening the wheelbase, and optimizing the suspension arrangement, which greatly improves the vehicle's off-road performance and rear Bucket loading efficiency. In terms of power, the new generation Ford Ranger is equipped with a 2.3T+8AT golden power combination: the gasoline version uses a 2.3L EcoBoost engine with a maximum power of 190kW and a maximum torque of 450N·m; the diesel version is matched with a 2.3L diesel engine with a maximum power of 137kW and a maximum torque of 470N ·m. The gearbox is a ZF 8AT gearbox, with a combined fuel consumption of 9.5L (gasoline)/8.4L (diesel) per 100 kilometers.

Jiangling Avenue Dare Explorer (pre-sale)

Pre-sale price: 172,800-191,800 yuan

  On August 25, at the Jiangling Avenue press conference at the Chengdu Auto Show, Jiangling brought new Avenue products and announced a new car owner ecology created by Jiangling Motors for the future. The Avenue Explorer, which is the most popular among car fans, officially announced the pre-sale price at this auto show, ranging from 172,800 to 191,800 yuan.


  The Daredevil has a chassis load capacity of 3.2 tons and a super rear towing and towing capacity of 3 tons. It adopts the industry's first roll-formed square steel longitudinal beam and the first multi-link + Watt link rear suspension. It is equipped with creep mode and three locks. , creeping U-turn, BorgWarner part-time four-wheel drive system, four major off-road weapons, equipped with 540° panoramic image + transparent chassis, drone accompanying technology, full-time butler system and three remote vehicle control functions. The new car offers two power options: a 2.3T FEU gasoline engine and a fifth-generation 2.3T PUMA diesel engine. The gasoline engine has a peak power torque of 190 kW/450 Nm, and the diesel engine has a peak power torque of 130 kW/450 Nm.

Jiangling Avenue Flying General (pre-sale)

Pre-sale price: 199,800-222,800 yuan

  At the Chengdu Auto Show, the Daofeijiang, co-created by Jiangling and Yunliang, was also announced for pre-sale at the scene, with a pre-sale price of 199,800-222,800 yuan. All new cars are AT four-wheel drive, with a total of 2 configurations, and 2.3T gasoline/diesel dual power is available.


  The front metal bar of the new car adopts a three-stage design, retaining fog lights, front and rear parking radar probes, and a lot of hard-core equipment such as winches, high-mounted air intakes, and off-road tires. With the morning mist green paint spray, it is very Watchable. Daofei replaced the tail with a three-piece metal rear bumper to ensure protection. A power plug is provided on the left side of the cargo compartment, with a volume of 1,300L.

  Daofei keeps the overall shape of the interior consistent with that of the Light Chaser, and the functionality is the same as that of the top-end Light Chaser. The new car uses BorgWarner's part-time four-wheel drive system and is equipped with two differential locks on the front and rear axles. It also provides an all-terrain management system for off-road novices. The chassis is equipped with a K-MAN oil and gas separated external nitrogen tank shock absorber. The suspension form is the same as that of a regular road. It is still a high-standard chassis structure with double wishbones in the front and multi-link + Watt link in the rear. In order to make it more comfortable, Yunliang It has better performance. The suspension components have also been strengthened in conjunction with the raising of the chassis and the widening of the wheelbase, including lengthening the upper and lower control arms, lengthening the half shafts, etc., forming an overall performance upgrade plan for the suspension part, which also allows Daofei will have a total suspension travel of 210mm at the front and 220mm at the rear, putting it at the first echelon of hardcore off-road vehicles.

  As the "wind vane" of the auto market in the central and western regions, the Chengdu Auto Show will kick off the peak season of the "Golden Nine and Silver Ten" auto market. Since 2023, many pickup truck companies have launched an offensive. The domestic pickup truck market has ushered in waves of new car launches, and there is no shortage of new blockbuster pickup trucks. In the coming time, there will also be a hybrid version of the Great Wall Shanhai Pao. , SINOTRUK VGV's new pickup truck, BYD's new pickup truck and many other new vehicles are launched, the domestic pickup truck market will become even more interesting.