Jianghuai pickup truck: Global sales of 55000 units in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 11.3%

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  The latest sales data shows that JAC pickup trucks will sell a total of 55,000 units globally in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 11.3%. Among them, cumulative sales in the domestic market were 12,600 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 16.3%, achieving a new breakthrough; cumulative sales in the international market were 42,300 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 9.9%, continuing to grow steadily.




  Both commercial and vehicle use, petrol and electricity are developed simultaneously

  Achieve positive results in operations

  Looking back on the extraordinary year of 2023, China's economy continues to rebound and improve, and automobile production and sales hit new highs. However, it still faces challenges such as insufficient effective demand and weak social expectations, which to a certain extent restricts the recovery and development of the pickup truck market. JAC Pickup anchors the development strategy of "developing both commercial and passenger vehicles, advancing both petrol and electricity, and domestic and international two-wheel drive", and strives to enter a new era through the integration of research, supply, production, transportation, sales and services. It has achieved positive results in operations and successfully ranked second in the industry.



  2023 is the year of product innovation for JAC Pickup, and all models will be brand new. On January 29, the 2023 JAC T6, a stylish, economical and practical pickup truck, was officially launched; on April 18, the new Hantu, an intelligent large passenger pickup truck, was launched at the Shanghai International Auto Show; on June 26, the intelligent innovative pickup truck was launched Fuda Pickup Truck - All-new T8 PRO is launched in Chengdu. The comprehensive launch of the above new models, especially automatic transmission models, marks the completion of the upgrade of traditional fuel products for JAC pickup trucks, laying the foundation for rising sales.



  2023 is the hard-core advancement year for JAC pickup trucks, with multiple modified models and scene models expanded. On April 18, the new Hantu camping car made its debut and was officially launched in Xiapu, Fujian on June 9; on August 25, the new Hantu passenger version was unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show; on September 15, the powerful off-road pickup truck ——The JAC T8 Nighthawk is coming; on October 20, the new JAC Hiroyuki and JAC T8 PRO cold zone products were officially pre-sold; on November 17, the 2024 JAC Hiroyuki Bobcat and the new JAC Hiroyuki modified car were unveiled 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show. The above new models expand diversified application scenarios and make life more exciting.



  2023 is the energy transformation year for JAC Pickup, and a number of new energy pickups have been launched. On April 12, the new JAC Hiroyuki EV, the new JAC Hiroyuki PHEV and other models were exposed for the first time; on August 11, the first batch of JAC pickup trucks exported to Thailand officially launched; on September 29, JAC T8 EV debuted at the 2023 Hefei International New Energy Vehicle Exhibition; On November 17, the all-new JAC Hiroyuki EV, China's first pure electric four-wheel drive pickup truck, was unveiled at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, accelerating the move towards a new era of passenger-oriented, intelligent, and new energy-based pickup trucks.



  In line with the development trend of passenger-oriented, intelligent, new energy and scene-oriented pickup truck industry, JAC Pickup will make steady progress and continue to deepen its development in 2023. In the field of fuel pickup trucks, it will complete the full-line product layout of commercial, commercial and passenger vehicles, and in the new era. The field of energy pickup trucks has accelerated technology research and development and new product development, and has formed a rich product portfolio of "fuel + hybrid + pure electric + CNG dual fuel" to create a full-scenario diversified pickup truck life for global users and also provide market development in 2024. provided strong support.


  Rugged styling and hard-core performance

  Excellent quality and hard-core users

  If sales are the touchstone for testing automotive products, then user experience is the cornerstone for winning the market. In 2023, JAC Pickup will adhere to user-centeredness, empower and achieve users with high-quality products, services and ecosystems, achieve spiritual satisfaction and pleasure with values ​​that exceed user expectations, and allow users to buy with confidence and use more economically. Heart, earn happiness, have fun, and create a shared and beautiful car life and a new user ecology.



  Relying on JAC Motors' profound experience in chassis R&D and manufacturing, as well as the industry's leading intelligent manufacturing base, JAC pickup trucks have tough looks and hard-core capabilities. Among them, the T-series pickup trucks are durable, safe and comfortable, helping to create wealth efficiently, and the Hantu series pickup trucks are powerful. It is powerfully luxurious, has excellent performance, and empowers a wonderful life. It also has super users such as Yili Bobcat, extreme time travel player Xiaojie, and Pika sister Ms. Tan. "Tough styling, hard-core performance, excellent quality, and hard-core users", JAC Pickup has taken solid steps towards becoming a "global advocate of hard-core pickup trucks" in 2023.



  JAC Pickup is not only a value creator, making wealth creation more efficient, but also a life enabler, making life more exciting. In 2023, JAC Pickup will participate in A-class auto shows such as the Shanghai Auto Show, Chengdu Auto Show, and Guangzhou Auto Show, as well as the Hefei International New Energy Vehicle Exhibition, and the Shanghai International RV and Camping Exhibition. It will also assist in Asia's largest sea fishing event, participating in the Plateau Peak Challenge, China The Mongolian-Russian Car Rally and the Jiangnan Desert International Cross-Country Rally launched a series of new Hi-Tu value discovery tour activities to interpret the most fashionable pickup truck life and live up to the love of users around the world.



  Adhering to user co-creation, JAC Pickup is committed to improving brand potential, channel capabilities, service experience, and cultural value. It not only continuously improves channel layout, stimulates channel vitality, and improves service capabilities, but also develops a digital marketing system to renovate and upgrade "Haohan". "Bang" APP strengthens user operations, creates value for users, seeks transformation for dealers, strives to create a user ecosystem, and helps realize the transformation of user-oriented brands.



  The market is ever-changing, but progress remains unchanged. In 2023, facing an unstable and uncertain market environment, JAC Pickup will form a development trend of "stability while strengthening, stability while making progress, and stability while improving". In 2024, although the pickup truck market is still full of challenges, there are infinite possibilities. This is a new starting point for JAC Pickup to start off as an entrepreneur. Next, JAC Pickup will make efforts in multiple dimensions, improve technology upgrades, product innovation and marketing services, bring more surprises to global users, and become the "global advocate of hard-core pickup trucks".