Striving for a New Journey and Making Achievements in a New Era - Interviews with the Young Generation of Private Entrepreneurs in Jiangsu Province

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  Recently, the United Front Work Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and this newspaper jointly launched the "Excellent Examples of Private Enterprise Leaders in Intergenerational Succession in Jiangsu Province" publicity campaign, aiming to focus on the outstanding representatives of the younger generation of private entrepreneurs in intergenerational inheritance and promote the private economy. High quality development. After in-depth visits to various parts of Jiangsu to investigate the younger generation of private entrepreneurs, and through in-depth communication with them, I deeply felt that they not only received systematic higher education, but also had a global perspective and innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities, and had unique insights into the industries and enterprises in which they worked. At the same time, they have a strong sense of family and country and actively fulfill their social responsibilities. They are not only a new force in Jiangsu Province’s private economy, but also an important force in the development of China’s private economy.

  Chen Jinpeng: Coming from the market through hard work

  When a crisis comes, how should the leader of an enterprise make decisions? How should he be trusted and affirmed when faced with doubts and denials? Does enterprise development depend on phenomena or essence?

  Chen Jinpeng, chairman of Yangzhou Hongyun Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd., used his own actions to hand in an excellent "answer sheet."



  Take orders in times of danger

  from negation to affirmation

  Chen Jinpeng, who was born in 1983, although he is 40 years old this year, looks younger than his actual age. This is due to the perseverance, courage and vitality in him.

  In 2019, his father passed away unexpectedly, and Chen Jinpeng took over full control of the company amid grief. He admitted that the biggest pressure came from early loan collection by individual banks at that time.

  Difficulties need to be solved and are by no means an excuse to complain about unfair fate and stagnant progress. Putting himself in his shoes, Chen Jinpeng believes that the reason why the bank collects loans early is because he thinks that the old chairman is gone, can the new chairman do it? This is both questioning and denial.

  Understanding the crux of the problem, Chen Jinpeng, with the help of the local party committee and government, took the initiative to visit the heads of relevant banks to explain the company's development status and future development plans. Active communication broke down the barriers and misunderstandings between banks and enterprises, and finally successfully reached follow-up cooperation and successfully overcome the difficulties. Today, Hongyun Vehicle Industry has optimized its organization to make cooperation with banks more pragmatic, scientific and closer.

  Is there any day when there will be no difficulties in the development of an enterprise? As an entrepreneur, you must rise to the difficulties, face them bravely, and solve them. Only in this way can you turn the tide and help the building to collapse.

  In this way, Chen Jinpeng proved his ability and the company's continuous development with practical actions.

  frontline growth

  From worker to boss

  Chen Jinpeng, who grew up from a college student to a stock analyst and was tempered by the market, joined Hongyun Vehicle Industry in 2007 and started as a grassroots employee.

  "If you have never been managed by others, you will not be able to be a manager, let alone a leader." Chen Jinpeng worked in the workshop for half a month before someone accidentally found out that he was the son of the chairman. Chen Jinpeng went from the front-line workshop to the business department, management department, and purchasing department... step by step, he became familiar with the company's processes and integrated into the team.

  In 2008, Chen Jinpeng began to serve as the general manager of Hongyun Vehicle Industry subsidiary. At this time, the subsidiary had more than 200 employees, its annual output value was less than 30 million yuan, and it was on the verge of bankruptcy.

  Faced with the current situation of the company, Chen Jinpeng conducted an in-depth investigation and found that there were many hills inside the company and serious internal friction. For this reason, he immediately fired the relevant senior executives. He said that there can only be one voice within a company, and that is the voice of the person at the helm of the company, because he represents the interests of the company, shareholders and the team.

  "Being easy to talk does not mean that you have no principles", "Yes means it, no means no", "Compassion does not lead the army", "Without performance support, the company's development is a joke"...a series of pragmatic and scientific business management concepts and concepts without losing humanistic care. The competitive salary system effectively mobilizes the enthusiasm of employees and makes them feel that their interests are closely related to the company. The company's annual output value has doubled for three consecutive years, reaching 120 million yuan in 2010.

  Chen Jinpeng said that business leaders must always have a crisis awareness of "being prepared for danger in times of peace" and "walking on thin ice". The shopping mall is like a battlefield. When making any decision, you must have a second plan and do not use it. He said that when his father started his business, he experienced exchange rate fluctuations, unsuitable investment conditions in other places, and the SARS epidemic. Even the slightest mistake would be a disaster, but Hongyun Automobile Industry has come through step by step. The most critical thing among them is "choice" and "steady progress".

  Think globally

  From singularity to diversity

  "Hongyun Vehicle Industry has the genes of a global enterprise. This is due to the fact that my father started in foreign trade and has a global perspective." Chen Jinpeng said.

  From body parts to vehicle air conditioners, from pickup trucks to buses, from special vehicles to new energy sources... Chen Jinpeng said that whatever the market needs, Hongyun will manufacture it.

  Nowadays, Hongyun Vehicle Industry has developed into a well-known domestic auto parts manufacturer. It mainly produces pickup truck frames, cargo box assemblies, engineering machinery aerial platforms, hoardings and other products, and specializes in electrophoretic topcoats. It is engaged in the production of automobile bodies and molds. Design, manufacture, and development of vehicle air conditioners. It has basically formed an annual production capacity of 20,000 sets of high-altitude hoardings and platforms, 100,000 pickup trucks and SUVs, 175,000 sets of automotive stamping parts, and 100,000 vehicle air conditioners. It has invested or participated in 5 companies in Yangzhou, including There are 2 complete vehicle companies and 3 parts companies.

  In the era of "going global" development, Hongyun Vehicle Industry has conducted in-depth strategic cooperation with overseas enterprises. At present, Hongyun Truck's pickup trucks have been successfully exported to more than 50 countries and regions including Egypt, Peru, and Angola. This year, Hongyun Trucks has successfully submitted its "new business card" for Chinese pickup trucks to the European market.

  Chen Jinpeng believes that the rapid development of new energy vehicles has promoted the "leap" of the automobile manufacturing industry. Hongyun Vehicle Industry keeps pace with the times, focusing on multi-functional new materials, innovating new processes and production technologies such as high-strength aluminum alloy connection technology, heat treatment technology, laser welding technology, etc., to achieve efficient and high-quality production of lightweight all-aluminum bodies. Develop new business growth points in the field of new energy vehicles. In the future, Hongyun Vehicle Industry will also aim at efficient agriculture and contribute the innovative power of private enterprises to China's food security.

  The diversified layout of Hongyun Vehicle Industry not only improves the company's ability to resist risks, but also injects strong impetus into the company's high-quality development. In 2023, Hongyun Automobile Industry is expected to achieve sales of 6.15 billion yuan, profits and taxes of 310 million yuan, and a comprehensive growth rate of 35%. By the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the company's production and sales scale will strive to exceed 8 billion yuan, making great strides towards becoming a 10 billion enterprise. .

  Yin Ping: Women are not inferior to men

  Women do not give way to men, and daughters also strengthen themselves. This is the case for Yin Ping, president of Jiangsu Fengshan Group Co., Ltd.

  Without a small family, we cannot form a small family, and without everyone, how can we have a small family? Yin Ping is the representative of integrating the small family into everyone and achieving both family and career success. Not long ago, she participated in the 13th National Congress of Chinese Women.



  Growth is “done”

  After graduating from school in 1989, Yin Ping worked in a local supply and marketing cooperative. This was also a well-known "iron rice bowl" at the time. In 1995, at the call of his father Yin Fengshan, Yin Ping became an ordinary employee of Fengshan Group.

  "When I first joined the company, I started as a custodian. I worked there for five years. I regarded the factory as my home. I was on duty 24 hours a day. The goods coming in and out were not on time. I was always on call for several cold days." Talking about the past, Yin Ping It’s vivid in my mind. From the custodian of the marketing office to the delivery invoice clerk, the director of the marketing office, to the group office director and the chairman of the labor union... Yin Ping did it step by step.

  In 2004, Yin Ping was assigned to serve as the general manager of Fengshan Liquor Industry (formerly Sandong Liquor Industry) acquired by the company. In just one year, Fengshan Liquor Industry was able to get out of the predicament. It not only became the designated local reception wine, but also hosted an international table tennis event and was doing very well.

  Yin Ping said that at Fengshan Liquor Industry, he is also a salesperson, porter and driver, and he has to drive to deliver goods at night when customers need it.

  Talking about the hardships he endured, Yin Ping said that they were nothing compared to the hardships of his father's generation in starting a business.

  The success of Yin Ping's cross-border helm was seen by his father and he was very happy in his heart. In 2012, the board of directors of Fengshan Group held an open competition for the president. “At that time, three people were shortlisted, and after layers of screening, I was hired as the president.” Yin Ping said.

  Don’t be conservative when it comes to inheritance, and don’t forget your roots when starting a business. "The inheritance of an enterprise is not a simple handover of the baton, but a long-distance race of 20, 30, 40 years, or even longer. As the successor, I will always maintain my original intention, carry forward Fengshan's entrepreneurial spirit, and work unswervingly in the industry. , sparing no effort to build Fengshan Group into a 'century-old enterprise', worthy of the responsibilities and responsibilities entrusted by the times." Yin Ping said.

  Careers are “created”

  "Fengshan Group was founded in 1988 by my father Yin Fengshan." Yin Ping said.

  After more than 30 years of continuous struggle, it has grown from unknown to well-known, occupying a place in the international pesticide industry. Fengshan Group is currently mainly engaged in pesticide raw materials, preparations, research and development, production and sales, providing services to increase agricultural production and increase farmers' income. The company's main products, Quizalofop and Trifluralin, are world-leading in terms of production capacity and technology. In 2018, the company was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

  Yin Ping said that during the days of working hard with his father, he had inherited the rich spirit of his father and the older generation of Fengshan people, who "dare to venture, dare to try, dare to be the first, emancipate the mind, pioneer and innovate, be proactive, and never be satisfied." Shan spirit and always keep in mind the goal of “building a world-class enterprise and a century-old enterprise”.

  "The entrepreneurial spirit of the older generation is precious wealth, which is the root and soul of Fengshan. Innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for the sustainable development of enterprises and must keep pace with the times." Yin Ping attaches great importance to technological innovation and has established an academician workstation, The postdoctoral mobile station has strengthened industry-university-research cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes, and paid close attention to the development and registration progress of new products.

  "It turns out that the company's export of raw materials is much greater than its export of preparations, and it is a 'lame duck'. Through measures such as strengthening personnel, technological innovation, market development, and forcing responsibilities, great progress has been made in the export of preparations and dosage form processing, forming an original The export of drugs and preparations is booming at the same time," Yin Ping said. Fengshan Group has successively won the honorary titles of Yancheng City Star-Creating Four-Star Enterprise and National Pesticide Industry Sales Top 100.

  The future is created by "breaking into"

  In the past two years, Fengshan Group has actively responded to the call of the party and the country, continued to make efforts in high-quality development, and steadily promoted digital, intelligent, and green industrial transformation. The company has marched into the new industrialization era with high heads.

  Strengthen traditional industries. The pesticide industry is the "ballast stone" of Fengshan Group. The company has invested in the construction of the second phase investment project of Quizalofop with an annual output of 1,700 tons and the tricopyramide project with an annual output of 3,000 tons, consolidating the dominance of this product in the industry. Currently, These two projects have been put into production and achieved results. Focusing on biopesticides. Fengshan Group cooperated with Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences to jointly develop "green insecticidal antibody protein" biopesticide, which was approved as an "Agricultural Science and Technology Independent Innovation Project" by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology.

  Enter the new energy industry. Fengshan Group actively takes advantage of Yancheng City and Dafeng District's new energy industry development policies and location advantages, and takes the lead in laying out the new energy electronic chemical industry. In August last year, the group established Jiangsu Fengshan Quannuo New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in the production of energy storage batteries and power battery electrolyte products based on lithium ions and sodium ions. At present, the first phase of Fengshan Quannuo New Energy's electrolyte project is about to be put into production. After reaching full production, it can increase sales by 1.5 billion yuan and increase profits and taxes by 100 million yuan.

  Facing new opportunities and challenges, Fengshan Group took advantage of the situation and decisively invested 3 billion yuan to establish Hubei Fengshan New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., planning to build a high-end toluene chlorination, fluorination and other high-end manufacturing facility within 2-3 years with an annual output of 130,000 tons. Fine chemical new materials project. After the project is completed, Fengshan will become a domestic enterprise with the largest scale of similar products, which is equivalent to building a "new Fengshan".

  "I firmly believe that through several years of joint efforts, we will form three major sectors: pesticides, new energy, and new materials. The scale of the enterprise will be larger, the quality of development will be higher, and the contribution to society will be greater." Talking about the future, Yin Full of confidence.

  It’s time to set sail on a new journey and struggle. “As a young generation female entrepreneur, I believe that only entrepreneurs who go all out to strengthen their enterprises, sincerely contribute to society, and effectively fulfill their social responsibilities can truly be recognized by society and be entrepreneurs who meet the requirements of the times. ." Yin Ping said.

  Qian Jing: Hengbao’s journey is a sea of ​​stars

  "Hardware + software, build ecosystem, and operate." Recently, Qian Jing, chairman and president of Hengbao Co., Ltd., described the company's strategic layout in one sentence.

  Hengbao Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 and was successfully listed on the main board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2007. As a leading company in the fields of financial technology, Internet of Things, digital security and services, and digital renminbi, it has profound technical accumulation and experience in both hardware and software. With the development of globalization, Hengbao Co., Ltd. continues to strengthen the expansion and layout of overseas markets and is committed to becoming the world's leading digital service provider.



  Borrowing the "East Wind" from the Asian Games and Winter Olympics

  Digital RMB “popular”

  Shortly after the successful conclusion of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, Hengbao Co., Ltd. received a letter of thanks from the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. After receiving ICBC's Asian Games "hard wallet" procurement requirements, Hengbao responded immediately and carried out the production and production of "hard wallets" to assist ICBC in distributing "hard wallets" during the Asian Games, providing services to domestic and foreign customers. It brings a new digital RMB payment scenario experience.

  And this is not the first time Hublot has participated in large-scale international events. In 2022, Hengbao Co., Ltd., as one of the main suppliers of the Winter Olympics-themed digital RMB "hard wallet" - ice core and snow ring, provided important support to the official customers of the Winter Olympics-themed digital RMB "hard wallet" and assisted Bank of China successfully completed the digital renminbi Winter Olympics scenario pilot work.

  Digital RMB is a new currency launched by the People's Bank of China, aiming to digitize currency and upgrade payment methods. Qian Jing said that Hengbao Co., Ltd. will continue to respond to the national financial technology strategic deployment, strengthen technology research and development and scenario innovation, and continuously improve its core competitiveness. At the same time, we will also actively promote cooperation with customers from various industries to jointly create a more complete and secure digital payment ecosystem and make greater contributions to the development of the global digitalization process.

  From manufacturing to service

  "Showing your skills" in overseas markets

  When faced with the challenge of diminishing marginal utility in the traditional manufacturing model, Qian Jing keenly observed that Internet giants such as Alibaba, Tencent, and Microsoft were shifting from providing products to providing services. Therefore, Qian Jing made a prompt decision and started technology development in 2018, successfully completing the construction. eSIM platform and obtained international authoritative certification in 2020. The eSIM platform solves the problem of seamless switching and large-scale flexible deployment of traditional operator networks, and allows users to switch operators and packages directly on the device without inserting or removing the physical SIM card. This service charging model is more convenient and faster and can better meet user needs.

  With the changes in Sino-US relations and the acceleration of the internationalization of the RMB, Hengbao Co., Ltd. has seized the advantages of this situation and continued to expand its overseas business layout this year, providing Chinese products and services to the local market, so that local consumers can enjoy high-quality products and services. Dividends brought by technology.

  "As of the second quarter of this year, 17% of Hengbao's revenue comes from overseas markets, an increase of nearly five times compared with the same period in previous years, but there is still a lot of room for expansion." At present, Hengbao has realized the transformation from traditional bank cards and communication cards to The successful transformation of hardware manufacturing to operational services and digitalization has strengthened Qian Jing’s confidence in building Hengbao into a global company.

  Innovation in inheritance

  stand firm in disputes

  Compared with managing the company with ease now, Qian Jinggang was under a lot of pressure when he took over the company in 2017. Fortunately, Qian Jing has a "stable core" and can remain calm and rational under pressure. He actively blocks out some external disturbances and focuses on doing the business well.

  His father Qian Yunbao started his own business from scratch, and his dedication and hard work spirit of working despite being sick for a long time deeply infected Qian Jing. He understood that what he inherited was not only a business and a family business, but also the inheritance of the entrepreneurial spirit of the older generation.

  The background of studying abroad has created Qian Jing’s global vision. Qian Jing actively introduced new ideas and concepts to promote the innovation and development of the company, which also caused some internal disagreements. Regarding the transformation of digital fully automatic operation workshops, some managers believe that the current production method is efficient enough and there is no need to invest a lot of money. However, Qian Jing believes that digital transformation is the only way for the company's future development.

  "Data is also an asset. Without digitization, the value of data will never be realized. Although you may not see benefits in a short period of time, as long as the direction is right, no matter how much you invest, you must persist." This is exactly what it means. The courage to pioneer and the vision beyond the present have made Hengbao shares full of vitality, demonstrating its ambition and enterprising attitude to become a global company.

  Use talents in an eclectic way

  The "anti-involution" "struggle maniac"

  Qian Jing has emphasized the importance of talents more than once. "I expect the average age of the company's management to be 35 years old. We must adapt to the times and boldly recruit young people who want to do things and can do things."

  As a company developing globally, Hengbao Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to acquiring global resources, especially human resources. At present, the employees of Hengbao Co., Ltd.'s overseas personalization centers are all foreigners. Through international talent cooperation, Hengbao Co., Ltd. will better understand the international market and expand overseas business.

  Hengbao Co., Ltd.’s attention and concern for its employees have also resulted in employees’ loyalty and enthusiasm. For example, in order to ensure the pass rate of the digital renminbi “hard wallet”, a number of technical personnel were stationed at the Winter Olympics and were on call at any time. The marketing department employees endured the strong discomfort after vaccination and resolutely went to Nigeria to negotiate with customers. They were robbed on the way but did not flinch. Instead, they continued to find a car to meet the customers, and finally successfully reached a cooperation. Qian Jing was deeply impressed by the young man's decisive and fearless energy.

  In view of the abnormal current situation of domestic enterprises generally involving themselves in involution and low-price competition, Qian Jing emphasized that there are no winners in involution. Rather than engaging in domestic involution, it is better to turn their attention to overseas markets. At the same time, he also called for accelerating the establishment of modern business ethics to guide healthy development and reasonable competition of enterprises.

  Anti-involution and struggle are not contradictory. Facing the changes and challenges in the current general environment, Qian Jing believes that "no matter whether the environment is good or bad, we must work hard. Successful companies are often not the most powerful, but the most persistent." As the helmsman, Qian Jing has devoted all his energy to Infect employees with optimism and passion.

  When it comes to the future, Qian Jing has a sense of crisis. He believes that in the future, he will either develop into a leading company or be eliminated. Therefore, he insists on becoming more refined and deeper in the industry, constantly optimizing products and services, and improving his core competitiveness.

  "I hope that Hengbao Co., Ltd. can become a global Chinese company and an industry benchmark in the near future. The journey is long and the journey is coming, and we will eventually reach the sea of ​​​​stars." Qian Jing said firmly.

  Zhang Fei: Innovation is the best inheritance

  "Innovation is the best inheritance, and endeavor is the best persistence." Regarding the issue of how the younger generation of private entrepreneurs inherit and develop, Zhang Fei, chairman of the board of directors of Jiangsu Feixiang Technology Group Co., Ltd., said.

  Jiangsu Feixiang Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Feixiang") was founded in 1988. It is a cross-industry and cross-regional comprehensive private enterprise group with green packaging, real estate development, and infrastructure construction as its main businesses. It has successively won the titles of National Integrity and Law-abiding Enterprise, All-China Federation of Trade Unions Workers' Pioneer, Jiangsu Province Outstanding Private Enterprise, etc., and has been selected into the top 200 private enterprises in Jiangsu Province for 4 consecutive years.



  Build a brand with action

  "Green development is a core connotation of high-quality development. We used to do it passively, but now we do it proactively." Zhang Fei led the company to cooperate with scientific research institutes such as Nanjing Forestry University to carry out high-tech transformation of traditional industries and develop disruptive products. With the new technology, it is the first among its peers in Jiangsu Province to achieve "zero emissions" in pulping and meet clean production standards. Green packaging has become a shining business card of the company.

  Craftsman spirit is a kind of professional spirit and a kind of productivity. Zhang Fei believes that for individuals, the spirit of craftsmanship is the professionalism of doing one's work, loving one's work, being dedicated and refined in one's work, being pragmatic, willing to work, persevering, and meticulously craftsmanship; for an enterprise, it means adhering to expertise, making high-quality products, and creating technology. , establishing standards, perseverance, excellence, pioneering and innovative corporate culture. A century-old enterprise relies on culture and the spirit of craftsmanship to become a century-old store. Feixiang perseveres and concentrates on making its main business more refined, stronger, better and more practical, turning its products into high-quality products, upgrading them to works, and establishing a good reputation in the industry.

  Zhang Fei said that on the premise of making the main business more refined and excellent, Feixiang's business sectors have expanded from green packaging to real estate development and engineering construction, and have grown from a single small workshop to a high-tech comprehensive enterprise group that is now beginning to take shape. Integration has become the business card of enterprises and brings development opportunities.

  "Twenty years ago, we established the private enterprise party committee and built the branch in the workshop." Zhang Fei said that the development process of Feixiang is a process of listening to the party and following the party. In the party building work, Feixiang has truly realized that "if the party building work is done solidly, it will be productive, if it is detailed, it will be cohesive, and if it is strong, it will be combat effectiveness." Today, Feixiang’s party building work has become a leader among private enterprises.

  Wealth comes from society and must be fed back to society. Zhang Fei leads the company to actively participate in glorious causes and public welfare charities, think about the source of wealth, take into account both justice and benefit, and consciously fulfill social responsibilities. Feixiang Group has been enthusiastic about public welfare and charity for ten years, from earthquake relief to helping those in need, from building bridges and paving roads to rural revitalization... all of which have left a deep footprint.

  Resonating with the times

  There are only enterprises and entrepreneurs of the era, but there are no eras of enterprises and entrepreneurs. Zhang Fei said that historical development has proved that only by insisting on keeping pace with the times, the same frequency with the country, and the same direction as the policy, and arranging industries according to "what the country encourages, what society needs, and what enterprises are capable of doing" can we stand at the forefront of development. Only in this way can the enterprise be made stronger and bigger for a long time.

  In 2005, setting foot in real estate was a bold attempt for Feixiang. Facts have proved that Feixiang stands at the forefront of the development of the times and has achieved impressive results. Having been deeply involved in the real estate industry for 18 years, Feixiang has implemented more than 20 million square meters of projects across the country as urbanization progresses. Currently, it has more than 20 projects under construction and has reserved more than 2,000 acres of commercial and residential land. Zhang Fei said that over the years, Feixiang has adhered to the central government's policy requirements of "houses are for living, not for speculation", adhered to its own funds, and developed steadily, achieving the goal of building tens of millions of buildings and providing high-quality services to the people. Dream of settling down.

  "Doing a business is like sailing against the current. If you don't advance, you will retreat. Simply seeking stability will not lead to stability. You must seek progress and maintain stability." Because of this, Zhang Fei believes that in the inheritance and development of enterprises, innovation is the best inheritance, and forging ahead is the best. of persistence. "Practice has proven that every market adjustment is a leap forward for enterprises. At any time, there are only eliminated enterprises and no disappearing industries."

  Build a century-old store

  "Building a century-old store requires several generations of continuous development, several economic cycles, and hard work and unremitting efforts to complete." Zhang Fei believes this.

  It has been 35 years since Feixiang was founded. Two generations have continued to work hard to achieve today's development. Thinking about his own experience, Zhang Fei believes that the inheritance of an enterprise is not just wealth, but the inheritance of family tradition, tutoring and excellent entrepreneurial spirit.

  “From my father’s generation, I truly learned the spirit of not being afraid of difficulties and forging ahead; I learned the firm confidence and belief in never giving up; I learned the resilience to face complex problems calmly; I learned the spirit of being ambitious and courageous. Learn the perseverance to climb the peak; learn the pragmatic style of being down-to-earth and one step at a time; learn the nail spirit of grabbing iron and leaving traces, and stepping on snow to leave imprints." Zhang Fei said.

  Tall buildings rise from the ground. Zhang Fei believes that everything should start small and practical, and the growth process is no exception. Because of this, he served as a civil servant and also worked in a state-owned enterprise. After returning to Feixiang, he experienced growth from the grassroots, middle level to the top, experienced cross-industry experience from industrial production companies to real estate companies, and led teams from subsidiaries to work hard. Go to the group company to plan the layout.

  Zhang Fei highly praised Zhang Jian's business ideas of saving the country through industry and "education from father, industry from mother". He said that enterprises should take the initiative to assume social responsibilities and do more good deeds. To this end, Feixiang invested 1 million yuan to initiate the establishment of the Huaishang Charity Fund and 5 million yuan to establish the Feixiang Charity Fund. For more than 30 years, Feixiang has been visiting nursing homes and orphanages, actively assisting rural revitalization, and helping to pave roads and build bridges in many towns and cities inside and outside Jiangsu Province. .

  Zhang Fei believes that when a company is small, it is personal, but when it is big, it is social and national. "Giving back to society is the ambition and responsibility that a company and an entrepreneur should have. Only by continuously providing demand for society and giving back to society can we reflect our value and build a century-old store."

  Zhu Rongjie: A bright heart gives its own light

  "A few days ago, Wuxi Prospecting Machinery General Factory won the title of 'Jiangsu Province Software Core Competitiveness Innovative Enterprise in 2023'." Zhu Rongjie, vice chairman and general manager of Jiangsu Wuxi Prospecting Machinery General Factory Co., Ltd., said proudly.

  Jiangsu Province Wuxi Prospecting Machinery General Factory Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xitan Technology") was formerly known as Wuxi Prospecting Machinery Factory. It was awarded the "National New Product Award" and was one of the benchmarks for many outstanding state-owned enterprises in Wuxi at that time. It was also one of the few Enterprises that have won two "National Silver Awards". Today, Tin Exploration Technology, which has been in business for 67 years, is one of the few old state-owned enterprise restructuring enterprises that has survived and successfully transformed among mechanical prospecting plants in the country. It has transformed into a provincial and municipal specialized and new "little giant" enterprise.

  However, behind these achievements, few people know the difficulties of Xitan's technological reform, transformation and upgrading. It all started when Zhu Rongjie was ordered to face danger.



  Ordered in times of crisis

  In 2017, due to her father's health, Zhu Rongjie put down her career and came to Xitan Technology. In name, it is a "female inheriting the father's business", but it faces difficulties and dilemmas in the development of the enterprise.

  At that time, Wuxi Prospecting Machinery General Factory had suffered losses for many years and had many long-standing problems that were difficult to recover from. Faced with the dilemma, Zhu Rongjie said that it was responsibility and mission that made her finally take over this "hot potato."

  Internal rectification, market competition, and corporate development are like "three mountains" that weigh down Zhu Rongjie's breath. During this process, not only were the employees uncooperative, but sometimes even the father was unable to understand. However, the traditional management model ultimately relies on innovative management to integrate with the market.

  Reform is much more difficult than starting your own business. Talking about the past, Zhu Rongjie smiled with tears in her eyes. "Fortunately, I have inherited my parents' perseverance since I was a child. The more I get frustrated, the more courage I get."

  After labor pain, the butterfly becomes reborn

  Hard work pays off. After the company went through a painful period, the team's mental outlook has undergone tremendous changes, which has promoted the company's digital transformation and enhanced the interoperability and cooperation of the upstream and downstream industry chains. In just a few years, the company turned losses into profits, with sales reaching hundreds of millions from the initial 30 million yuan. It has maintained a growth of 30% and a profit margin of 50% for three consecutive years. The development momentum continues to improve.

  "Last year, we implemented the brand renewal of 'Xitan Technology', achieved both improvement of corporate and product image, and positioned the company as a 'small but beautiful, specialized but strong' technology enterprise." Zhu Rongjie said.

  This year, Zhu Rongjie effectively integrated existing resources and launched the construction of the "Xitan Technology Future Industrial Park" project. The project officially started in November.

  "Adhering to independent innovation in scientific research is the magic weapon for the long-term development of an enterprise." Zhu Rongjie has advanced market and R&D thinking. Internally, the Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center has been established; externally, it has worked closely with Tongji University, Tsinghua University, Southeast University, Jiangnan University and other universities and institutions, and has developed a number of industry-leading projects, and actively participated in the Three Gorges Project, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, small Bay Hydropower Station, “Belt and Road” construction and other projects. The company's independently developed "intelligent environmental robot" occupies a leading position in the field of soil survey and restoration, filling the gap in key national industries. It currently has a far leading market share and has entered the agricultural field.

  Foreign trade is the second growth pole of Tintan Technology. In recent years, under the leadership of Zhu Rongjie, the team has participated in a series of representative industry exhibitions including Europe, America, and ASEAN. No matter how hard you work, you will gain. The company has successively received cooperation orders from industry benchmark companies such as Sany Heavy Industry. The Xitan brand has subsequently opened up in overseas markets, which also reflects the "catch the sea" spirit of Xitan people who pursue overseas dreams and dare to fight. .

  A person walks fast

  A group of people go far

  Back then, in the early days of corporate reform, there was a shortage of talent due to historical reasons. Zhu Rongjie knows very well that people are the key to success. Faced with various deadlocks, she boldly breaks the barriers of personnel and seniority, attaches great importance to talent development, and allows the capable to be promoted and the mediocre to be demoted.

  In terms of building corporate culture, Zhu Rongjie spares no effort, leads by party building, and strives to improve employees' sense of happiness, belonging, and value, such as reading month activities, employee collective birthday parties, team building and expansion activities, diversified training activities, etc. Zhu Rongjie said that only when the employees are strong can the company be strong.

  "The gap between enterprises comes not only from the strength of the team, but also from the gap between entrepreneurs." Zhu Rongjie believes that she has just started, and she must always look for gaps and learn from the best. In order to do a good job in management and communication, Zhu Rongjie studied psychology by herself and obtained the "National Psychological Counselor Level 2" certificate. She turned the tea room into a sunshine mediation room to help employees solve their problems and relieve work and psychological pressure.

  Facing the future, Zhu Rongjie is full of confidence and will continue to lead Xitan Technology on the road of "specialization, branding, greenness and internationalization", focusing on the three major sectors of "smart environment, new energy and piling machinery", and strive to create The zero-defect, high-efficiency, and agile intelligent manufacturing system has become the invisible champion in the subdivided industries. At the same time, it gives full play to the strong advantages of the "Jiangsu Province Postdoctoral Innovation Base" to build a "strong magnetic field" for talent gathering, and provides China with "technological manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing". "Manufacture" adds bricks and mortar.