2023 Chengdu Auto Show: Hard-core new dark horse, real-shot analysis of JMC Boulevard daredevils

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"Hardcore" can be said to be the keyword for new cars in the pickup field at the 2023 Chengdu Auto Show! Among them, the Jiangling Motors booth in Hall 6 is the most exciting. Because this time Jiangling Motors finally announced the pre-sale price, model configuration and clearer product information of the Avenue Explorer. How is this new car that everyone is looking forward to? Today we will analyze it for you through static graphics and text.


Appearance has always been a matter of opinion, but in the field of hardcore style, it has taken a different route. Self-modification by off-road players is usually more exaggerated and casual, but often the details cannot be seen closely and it is difficult to achieve perfection in detail processing. As an original modified car, the Avenue Daredevil is definitely a superior performance in terms of appearance and texture, and the details of the appearance of the entire vehicle are very well handled.



The front and rear metal bumpers and side metal pedals not only increase the body protection capabilities, but also improve the passability. The approach angle is 32°, the departure angle is 27°, and the ground clearance is 255mm. As an original car, this data is already very good. At the same time, the winch position is integrated on the front bumper, which fits the style very well and does not feel out of place.

The high-position air intake is standard equipment for the Explorer, allowing the Explorer to wade into water to a depth of 900mm, which is definitely the first in the industry. In desert working conditions, the high air intake can also replace the dust cup to provide cleaner air to the engine. There is no need to worry about the air filter being clogged too quickly and affecting the power.



The body size of the Explorer is 5535 (5565) × 2055 × 1920mm, the wheelbase is 3270mm, and the tire specification is 285/70 R17. The tires use Cooper DISCOVERER AT3 all-season all-terrain tires, which meet the needs of highway commuting and have strong non-paved road holding capabilities. It is worth mentioning that the bright black color of the wheels is very textured, and the red spray-painted calipers can be vaguely seen. The overall wheels have a sporty look.


The Explorer's cargo box also has many highlights, with a volume of 1.35 m³ and a length, width and height of 1546×1595×546mm. At the same time, the cargo box tailgate is equipped with a slow-lowering hydraulic lever, which makes opening and closing easy and labor-saving. It is equipped with cargo box lighting, 220V AC power socket, and reserved expansion space such as hidden storage boxes, roller shutter covers, movable guide rails, etc. to meet users' different cargo box modification needs.



Although the Explorer is a model with a hard-core, pan-outdoor positioning, it does not compromise at all in terms of cabin comfort experience. Especially in terms of intelligence, it still uses a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel + a 12-inch rotatable IVI touch central control screen to form a human-computer interaction system. I think the most highlighted part is the support for drone accompanying function, 360-degree panoramic image + transparent chassis, and off-road information display function, which can display wheel angle, slope, roll angle, compass, altitude, air pressure and other information.



In terms of interior styling design, the Explorer and the Light Chaser are highly unified, but there are differences in color matching and materials. The interior of the Explorer is mainly black with red accents, creating a restrained and sporty feel, and the overall style is not unassuming. A large area of ​​the interior is wrapped in soft leather, the leather stitching is red, and the center armrest is made of Alcantara, which has an excellent feel.


The ride comfort in the rear row is also one of the highlights of the Explorer. The width of the rear row reaches 1.5 meters, making the ride very spacious. Moreover, the backrest angle is very large, and there is no obvious upright feeling when riding. The longitudinal legroom performance is also excellent, and the rear seat experience is excellent.


In terms of four-wheel drive, the Explorer is equipped with BorgWarner's intelligent four-wheel drive, which has an all-terrain management system that can realize 7 terrain modes and automatically select drive modes and torque distribution methods. Three differential locks at the front, middle and rear can help you get out of trouble easily. In terms of off-road functions, a creep mode is provided, which is a low-speed cruise driving assistance system that helps the driver focus on the direction and road conditions, free their feet, and smoothly pass through various harsh roads. Creeping U-turn can achieve an excellent turning radius of 5 meters through unilateral rear wheel lock steering, which is very practical for complex narrow roads such as forest roads.


In terms of power, the Explorer provides a 2.3T FEU gasoline engine with a maximum power of 190 kilowatts and a peak torque of 450 Nm. The fifth-generation 2.3T PUMA diesel engine has a maximum power of 130 kilowatts and a peak torque of 450 Nm. Among them, the gasoline engine uses a low-inertia supercharger. The supercharger intervenes at an earlier speed and the power response is more rapid. The engine has accumulated 8,000 hours of bench durability testing under all operating conditions, and its quality is guaranteed.


At the auto show, in addition to those who dare to explore, the Avenue Magic Box, which many outdoor users are concerned about, has also been released. The basic version is priced at 14,800 yuan. It includes the Magic Box trunk body and roof tent. If you need to choose internal components, such as trays, drawers, side cabinets, etc., you can choose them online or at dealer stores.

The original intention of the Avenue Magic Box was to extend the cargo box space to infinite possibilities and meet the different needs of different outdoor groups. Whether it is camping, fishing, or surfing, a set of Magic Box can handle the loading needs. At present, the Avenue Magic Box has officially entered the mass production stage and will be first installed on Daredevil and Flying General.

According to my on-site experience, the magic box can be seamlessly connected to the base of the Avenue cargo box and can also be easily disassembled. After purchasing the basic version of the Magic Box, the entire rear space can be planned and designed by the car owner according to the different needs of the car owner. With the addition of trays, drawers, side cabinets and other components, it can be freely combined, freely allocated, and freely converted into multiple scenes. This It's a lot like building blocks.

Moreover, I am only responsible for the Jiangling booth at this auto show. Judging from the age of the visitors, older people are more interested in RVs, while many young couples and young families came to see the Explorers equipped with the Magic Box. Cars, they unanimously praised the creativity of the magic box! Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the workmanship, user experience, and quality of the parts launched by the original factory.

Finally, we talked about the pre-sale price of the Lingdao Explorer. This time, all series are AT four-wheel drive, with 2.3T gasoline/diesel dual power options, and two configurations, the Unbounded Edition and the Extreme Edition, have been launched. The pre-sale price is 172,800-191,800 yuan. It is much lower than my previous prediction of 180,000-210,000 yuan, so the price for those who dare to explore is really good.

Orders are currently available through Jiangling’s official website and the Tongdao Zhongren mini program APP. And during the pre-sale period, you can enjoy more preferential rights, which are divided into two types: intention gifts and final gifts. Users who pay an intention deposit of 1,000 yuan online can enjoy six major intention gifts: lifetime engine warranty for the first owner, lifetime transmission warranty for the first owner, free vehicle system traffic for the first owner for life, free roadside assistance during the warranty period, and car purchase Four door-to-door car pick-up or delivery services within the first year and a two-year financial interest-free policy; users who pay a deposit of 20,000 yuan online will be upgraded among the six major intention gifts, and will also enjoy Qiuyeji co-branded customized car tent sets and complete vehicles. During the warranty period, basic maintenance is free (6 times), priority is given to car pickup, and three major booking gifts are provided.

At present, the information about the Explorer is still on static display. If there is an opportunity in the future, we must share with you how dynamic this car is to drive? How was the off-road experience? How to use the magic box? These are our new content plans for the future, so riders who pay attention to this part of the content, please stay tuned!