What are the benefits of using aluminum alloys for parts in the automobile manufacturing industry?

  Aluminum alloy materials are currently widely used in the production of automobile parts, because vehicles are becoming lighter and lighter. Aluminum is light, strong, corrosion-resistant and does not rust, so it is used more and more. Here is a brief introduction to it. application characteristics.

  1. During the extrusion process, the metal obtains a more intense and uniform three-dimensional compressive stress state in the extrusion deformation zone than rolling and forging. Therefore, extrusion can fully exert the plasticity of the metal being processed and can be used for rolling of difficult-to-deform metals. After processing and forging, it can also be used to manufacture various hollow or solid complex cross-section components.

  2. Due to the variable geometric cross-section of aluminum alloy profiles, the stiffness of its parts is relatively high, which can increase the stiffness of the body and improve the dynamic control characteristics of the vehicle.

  3. Since the cross-section of aluminum alloy profiles can be controlled, the functional integration of components can be improved, the number of components can be reduced, and welding positioning can be achieved through cross-sectional matching.

  4. For products with extrusion benefits, the longitudinal strength properties (Rm, Rp0.2) after quenching and aging are much higher than similar products processed by other methods.

  5. The surface of aluminum extruded products has good color and corrosion resistance, and no other anti-corrosion surface treatment is required.

  6. The extrusion process has high elasticity, low mold cost, and low design change cost.